Laboratorio Octogon

Daniel Cantero (Creador Octogon System)

Working as a sonologist, sound designer and music producer and combining these skills with his role as a hardware and software developer, Daniel Cantero is a talented all round audiovisual engineer managing research projects for the Digital Luthier company, which he founded. From adolescence, Daniel was surrounded by a variety of musical styles and genres which encouraged him to not only produce his own music, but also craft his own tools to make music. He soon implemented Ableton Live in his sets, became a distinguished professional offering new and innovative live sets both internationally and at home, and enhanced the experience for both the audience and the performer. Since his training at the Music Technology Group of UPF University, Daniel has dedicated his life to the research of new approaches and techniques for teaching and music production. Recently, he created the first Live Electronic and Acoustic Music Production Master, using Ableton Live, which opens up many possibilities for students, including the ability to produce music from scratch on stage. | +34 687 287 200

Calle Cerámica, 16 - 28038 Madrid

Actividades de este organizador


sab09oct18:0019:00Experiencia Inmersiva 360º Octogon System (Sesión 1ª AN)Prueba en vivo Octogon System18:00 - 19:00 Laboratorio Octogon, Calle Cerámica, 16 - 28038 Madrid

sab09oct20:0021:00Experiencia Inmersiva 360º Octogon System (Sesión 2ª AN)Prueba en vivo Octogon System20:00 - 21:00 Laboratorio Octogon, Calle Cerámica, 16 - 28038 Madrid